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Finding an effective way to optimize mobile marketing for higher conversions can be intimidating even for the most experienced internet marketer. Although many people have tried different strategies and techniques in mobile marketing, very few have been able to tap into its full potential. Discussed below are some of the tested and proven network marketing strategies that you too should try out.

There is more to mobile marketing than the use of cell phones and the internet. List Academy Anik Singal customers are connected using mobile internet, smartphone apps, voice, and texting applications. All forms of apps are being developed to meet every person’s needs in the mobile platform. This means each of the mobile marketing campaign you implement should be easy to access through these platforms and remain relevant.

1. Make use of List Academy QR codes: Easy to scan QR codes can be used to attract customers, especially those using smartphones and tablets. QR codes can be used to link the customer or target audience to a sales page. This code however needs to be easy to scan and easy for the customers to access.

2. Keep messages simple and precise: Adding huge images or other attachments to a text message is not necessary. Most people find huge and bulky messages annoying, for they only add into the audiences’ data charges. Keeping all your promotional messages simple and precise however increases chances of the message being opened and read.

3. Only text current customers: Although unknown to many, text messages are personal and should only be sent to interested persons, preferably current customers. Only send promotional text messages to customers who have ever shopped with you, and not just any other mailing list you have. This reduces chances of your messages marked as spams.

4. Plan each campaign carefully: Any marketing campaign should be planned carefully, target audience identified and proper channels singled out. All channels used in mobile marketing, including instant mobile coupons, text messages and in-app advertisement, should be well planned and executed if they are to yield anything. Proper planning can yield big in the long run.

5. Create a relationship with your customers: The primary goal in every marketing strategy is to create awareness and cultivate loyalty in customers. Recording your customer’s birthday’s among other special events, and sending them a message on this date can help make the audience special. This makes the customer feel valued thus cultivating loyalty.

With billions of people using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet, converting these users into potential customers is very easy. All you need is be creative enough with how you approach them and get them to buy your List Academy  products without having the feeling that you have intruded their privacy.

July 12, 2015 / admin