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A while back I read a Brian Wren Scam story about a man who decided he would sell all of the assets tchat he owned, including his car, house and other investments, in order to gamble on taking one spin at roulette. Roulette is a kind of game found at a casino where you can either bet on black or red, and when the ball lands on the color you have chosen, you double the money you bet. It is very close to be a 50/50 gamble, with the house having the odds slightly in its favor since there are a couple of chances that the ball will land on green. The man liquidated all of the assets that he owned and put a $130,000 bet on red. The ball landed on red. So he cashed out and was 100% richer when he walked away. Binary options trading is very similar, but the gambler, or the investor in this case, has an advantage.

Binary trading options, which is also sometimes called “all or nothing options,” is very similar to playing roulette. However, you might have the ability to predict with The Trader App greater confidence what the outcome will be before you place your bet. Rather than the red or black of the Roulette wheel, you bet on if a currency or stock’s value is going to go up or down. You could call it black (gain) and red (loss) still.415585bd389b69659223807d77a96791

For instance if you bought a Brian Wren Scam binary trading call option for ABC Inc, the only thing you would need to do to basically double your money would be to see the stock price on ABC to go up, even if it was just one cent. If you bet $100 that the stock price would be going up, then you would profit nearly 100%. However, if you had bought the stock and its price went up by only a penny, then your profit would have been just 0.0001%. It is also possible to buy The Trader App binary trading put options and bet that the security’s value is going to go down. So in our example, with this same bet, if the stock price drops by even just one cent, you will again make almost 100% profit.

There are also binary options trades with fixed amount payouts, when a security’s value reaches a specific threshold. If a binary call option is purchased on ABC Inc. with a $75 strike price and stock gets to $75 prior to the set deadline, you receive a cash bonus. Those cash or nothing options can payout $1000 or even more than 100% of your investment. However, these bets are much riskier than red (down) or black (up).

Obviously there’s lots of money that can be earned with this type of short term investing. You can think if it as a legal form of roulette, that has much better odds. Just think if you had continued to bet that the stock prices for British Petroleum would continue to go down in the spring through the summer of 2010. You would be really rich because of the Gulf Oil crisis. If you conduct some research on currencies or the companies you are buying put or call options on, you can have the edge that you need for betting in the correct direction. The randomness of roulette doesn’t give you that.London

If you’d like to earn quick returns on your Brian Wren  The Trader App investments, then I recommend trying out binary options trading. There are free online trading platforms such as EZTrader that have interesting interfaces that allow you to watch the values of your wagers in real time, similar to horse races. You often get a cash bonus on your account also, depending on how much your initial deposit is. They also provide you with lots of financial news feeds, research tools, and to some extent help to mitigate your losses.

October 20, 2016 / admin