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SEO Friendly

If you’re seeking to increase traffic for your business blog you’ll want to start by making it SEO friendly. Blogging and SEO walk hand in hand. If you’re doing one, you’ll need to be doing both. There’s a crossover and if you aren’t boosting your page views, you’re not going to be getting as many visitors are you can get. To do this, you’ll need to follow the basic SEO principles. When you use SEO friendly content, you’ll greatly improve the visibility of your blog. It will rank higher in the search engines and you’ll gain more page views that will help to boost your sales.

Link To The Rich Jerk Blogs

It’s always good practice to link to other blogs. You’re not only helping other bloggers via backlinks, you’re also showing that you’re a team player. Your blog is an ideal platform to help promote other sites that your visitors might appreciate. Bloggers keep a watchful eye on where their traffic is coming from and when you link to their blogs, they often link back to your blogs. Thus, you are gaining more visitors as well.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is an ideal way to gain more visitors. If you’re not using social media, you’re missing out. Social media is very helpful to promote your business and should be in every tool belt for any website or blog. Promote others on your social media as well. The more you share, the more people are going to be willing to share your site and blog. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes per day to promote on social media. Get in the habit if making it a part of your daily routine to help gain more visitors to your blog.

Create Valuable Content

Everything that you publish on your site is vital to your site. Create content that will provide valuable information to your readers and they will come back time and again to see what else you have done. As people return they will want to share the content that they have discovered on your site and share it on their own social network pages. Now you’re getting a lot of free advertising through your visitors. Blogging allows you the benefit of others interacting with you which also helps to make sales. Increasing your traffic by interacting with others and by promoting it on social media will go far in helping you to gain more business. Be sure to brand yourself as an authority on the subject. Use lists such as “best” and “top 10” and so on. By grabbing your readers attention you’re sure to help promote your business without being so obvious. Keep your sense of humor and be passionate about your topic.

Get The Rich Jerk Involved

Make sure that you’re involved in your online world. Build up groups and communities by sharing relevant content and discussions. Participate in your groups and communities. Reach out and brand yourself as well as your business. As these grow your business will also grow. Forums will give you the opportunity to grow your business even more. You can show off your expertise and your authority by continuing to help your communities grow. Respond and interact as much as you can. Give a brief hint of what is to come on your site to encourage others to visit your site. Don’t give it all away, just enough to pique their interest.


Go to similar blogs and make relevant comments. Share your expertise and authority once again. Leave your back link to your blog at the end of your comment. Be sure that your comments are thoughtful and well thought out. Often the blogmaster will be intrigued and visit your blog in kind. Other readers will also visit your blog after seeing your comments so make them count. Keep them relevant and encouraging and make them valuable. Be creative and customize your responses so that you’re not simply posting cookie cutter type comments. Those will be marked as spam and you don’t want that.

The Rich Jerk Guest Post

Create valuable content to other blogs. You’ll gain the same in return and by doing this you’ll also gain more readers. Show off your expertise and brand your authority and others will want to visit your site to see the great content after reading your guest post. Make all of the content valuable and full of information that will help readers to gain something from reading it. Be sure to share your social media pages as well whenever you possibly can, this will help your readers to share the pages even more after they have read them. You want to reach out and touch their hearts and make them want to read more from you and share it with their friends. Offer to trade blog posts from yours to theirs and vice versa. The more you can share your blog the better so be willing to trade with a few other great blogs. You’ll gain their visitors and perhaps even more.

Keep It Simple

Make is really simple for your readers to share your posts on social media by including the icons that will automatically share them. Invite readers to subscribe for updates and newsletters. This will help you to build up a data base of readership. When someone visits they often plan on coming back, but don’t always remember. By getting them on your email data base you’re sure to encourage them or remind them to visit and you’ll be keeping them updated. Offer incentives such as coupons in the email and special giveaways whenever you can. Focus on keeping everything neat and tidy and as simple as possible and your readers will love you for it. Remember, not everyone is computer savvy so making your icons easy to see and very easy to click on will go far in helping you to expand your visitor base. Aim to update everything at least weekly and more often if there is any possible way that you can do so. If you must, hire a teenager to manage The Rich Jerk social media. They will have fun learning and contributing and you know they’re know how to use a computer.

October 1, 2015 / admin