Microsoft Office 365

How to use Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a series of subscription services provided by Microsoft as a part of their Microsoft Office suite product line. These subscription services are available to organizations ranging from small businesses to large corporations and governments around the world. Office 365 provides the infrastructure, applications, and support for the online file storage, collaboration, document management, desktop publishing, and support for the enterprise search services market. It also enables collaboration and document management in the form of electronic mail, shared document storage and calendaring. The subscriptions include the Microsoft Office software, hardware, and services required to support Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Office 365 offers the tools necessary for managing e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and files. There are four suites available to choose from. They are: Business, Professional, Enterprise, and Mobile. All of these suites have the essential features of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Yammer is the first Microsoft Office suite to be launched in the single sign-on environment. Yammer includes the core functionalities of Microsoft Office like word processing, Excel workbooks, Power Point presentations, and navigation with the web browser. As for the user interface, Microsoft Yammer includes an integrated inbox and Microsoft Word Auto Manager. The groupware functionality of Yammer allows groups of workers to access the same documents.

One of the newest offerings from Microsoft is OneNote.

This is an online storage service similar to Dropbox or Box. However, OneNote has additional features such as access to the Microsoft Office Word Applications Store, OneDrive, and the OneDrive storage server. It also supports the integration of Outlook and Skype for off-site email, conferencing, and video conferencing.

OneDrive is a new service from Microsoft that enables users to store items such as documents, images, and spreadsheets in one place. When an item is saved to Onenote, it will be saved to that user’s Onenote folder. With Onenote, there are no restrictions on how many documents a person can save in one place, so a person can store unlimited documents on this service. With Onenote, you can access all of your saved items from any computer at any time, even if it is not your primary computer. With Onenote, it is possible to have multiple email accounts from one single device.

Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions are designed for use during the month of October 2021.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions are priced per month and renewal fees do not apply unless the user elects to discontinue usage of the service. Microsoft provides three different subscription models including:

The pricing for Microsoft 365 is based on the level of usage and the number of electronic documents the user may want to store. For example, if a person only uses Microsoft Office on the computer they are using for business purposes, the subscription for that specific computer will cost less than a person who wants to access additional features on that specific computer while using Microsoft Office. To receive special features or to increase the monthly cost, a person has to subscribe to an additional 365 months using the same subscription method. Each additional Microsoft 365 package will cost an additional dollar per month.

Microsoft 365 plans offer users the ability to access additional functionality through the Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server. Users may also choose to upgrade to Windows 7, which offers greater compatibility with Microsoft Office programs.

  • Microsoft 365 plans are delivered on an annual basis, on a month-to-month basis, or a yearly subscription.
  • The three basic Microsoft 365 plans are: the self-managed, managed, and the collocation group.
  • There are other specialized versions of Microsoft 365, including the business, enterprise, and business plus and the global cloud services plans.

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